How to Remove Black Mold without Killing the Environment

Toxic black mold

As we know that there a lot of products available to clean black mold and even you can use them for killing black mold and also it’s a cheap process to kill mold and move on living a happy and healthy life but if you want something you have to struggle hard to achieve it and it’s the same for mold removal process. However, several of the cleaning products are highly Toxic for indoor use so you must be careful before using any of those cleaning chemicals. There should be some necessary steps taken before cleaning black mold and completely removing the mold from your house.

Following are the most important steps taken before doing mold removal.

(1)    Always make sure that you wearing protective equipment’s including.

  • Eye protection
  • Respiratory mask
  • Gloves
  • Clothes that will completely cover your body and will protect you as well as cleaned well or disposed of.

(2)    Seal all the rooms with a plastic sheet to hold mold spores.

(3)    Create a negative pressure by running a fan blustering out the window.

(4)    You can use the mold removal products to clean mold.

  • Bleach
  • Borax
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia

You can easily learn How to kill mold and use those products which mentioned above.

(5)    Clean all the surfaces. Completely clean all the non-porous object and the porous objects need to be thrown out if the mold not able to remove.

(6)    HEPA vacuum all the area.

(7)    Seal all the moldy objects in a plastic bag and dispose of.

You can take these steps to clean mold but it is necessary that you must hire a Mold remediation professional for cleaning the Stachybotrys mold which is known as Black mold or Toxic black mold.

Professional Knows Better  How to Remove Toxic Black Mold

If you found a Black Toxic mold in your house, don’t try to disturb or remove it if you don’t know how to take a necessary action to remove that black mold. If the Toxic black mold is damaged or disturbed then it can cause millions of mycotoxins into the air, contaminating your house.

You should call a professional for that black mold removal service instead disturbing that mold and let your home contaminated with mycotoxins. Mold that is Toxic should be removed by professionals who knows better about that black mold removal process.

Removing Toxic Black Mold Is Necessary For Your Healthy Life

Most of the time people do not take any quick action to remove that mold and after that, the situation gets more worst and cause severe health problems.

You spend your day in an environment which is infected with that Toxic black mold could be harmful to your health and could cause you a permanent damage. People never realize the effects of that black mold until they practically observe them. Toxic black mold can cause problems such as breathing, mental disability, damage to your internal organs, cancer and sometimes even a cause of death.

Best to Move When Toxic Black Mold Found in Your House

Most of the time professionals recommend that it is best to move temporarily somewhere safe place whenever you found a Toxic black mold in your house to make you not suffered from Toxic black mold symptoms like breathing, respiratory or any eye itching, skin infection problems. You should return to your home when the professionals completely did their job removing that black mold and will be satisfied that it is now a safe place for a human to survive without any danger. There is also a possibility that you may be sick for several days after temporary shifting from your home which is highly infected with black mold because of the things which you have taken with yourself is contaminated with mycotoxins from the toxic black mold.

Removing the Toxic Black Mold Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are minor as 0.1 microns. This makes it harder to remove than mold spores. Mycotoxins are very strong and can take several years to break down naturally. In some of the cases, mycotoxins found in human body up to nine years after the original exposure to that mold. For all of these reasons, it is necessary that the Toxic black mold removal performed properly which contains mycotoxins from spreading through the house.

There are still some of the experts who have a taught that the Toxic black mold mycotoxins should not be removed completely from the house when it has already been contaminated. Even there are homeowners who completely burned their houses because of this black mold mycotoxin and permanently shifted to a safe place.

Identifying and Testing Toxic Black Mold

If you really think that you have found a black mold in your house or if you are unsure whether it is a black mold or not, then you must go for a test by professionals to make it sure that whether it’s a black mold or not. Then you must be aware that it is a Stachybotrys or another mold species. Once it’s been confirmed that it’s a Toxic black mold then you must contact professionals to remove it quickly whether remove by yourself if it is not a toxic black mold.

What are the Signs of Toxic Black Mold?

One of the best sign to determine whether your house is infected with toxic black mold or another mold species is those toxic symptoms which make you suffer from illness and high fever. The symptoms of toxic black mold are much severed than any allergic reactions caused by the non-toxic mold. You can easily get yourself updated with Toxic Black Mold Symptoms.

Also, Toxic black mold needs an area wet for weeks to grow so make sure that you don’t have any leaked floors or any area which can be a source for Toxic black mold to grow.

 How to know if you have been exposed to Toxic Black Mold?

A Quick Checklist indicating mold sensitivity or mold exposure

1.    Musty odors bother you?

2.    Have you ever worked or lived in a place where the ceiling tiles were stained?

3.    Have you ever noticed stained or any water damage elsewhere?

4.    Has your home ever been flooded?

5.    Do you home have leaks in a roof?

6.    Do you experience breathing problems like unusual shortness of breath?

7.    Do you experience sinus infections?

8.    Do you have a high fever or any flu like symptoms?

9.    Do your symptoms become worst in rainy days?

10.    Do you have continuous headaches?

11.    Are you having any skin rashes?

Toxic Mold Associated Symptoms

1.    Static shocks

2.    Feeling lightheaded

3.    Diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating

4.    Blurred vision, sweats, red eyes, sharp pains

5.    Metallic taste in your mouth or any tearing, disorientation

6.    Increased thirst

7.    Shortness of Breath

8.    Having difficult concentration

9.    Difficulty in finding words, poor memory

10.    Weakness and fatigue

11.    Join pain

12.    Skin infections, tingling and numbness

mycotoxins organsms

How Can One Kill Toxic Black Mold with Ammonia

There are great advantages of killing black mold with Ammonia. Ammonia is a good disinfectant and did a good job when it comes to killing mold on hard and non-porous items. These items mostly include bathroom sink, kitchen counters and shower doors etc. Ammonia is cheap and can easily found in any local grocery or stores. The ammonia’s active ingredients like bleach did a lousy job of piercing porous materials such as particle board, sheet rock and some of the drop-down ceiling tiles.

In order to kill the mold effectively and efficiently, you have to get that chemical into the root at the end. Chlorinated bleach and ammonia are not only the cleaning agents, there are other cleaning chemicals as well which will help to kill the fungi aggressively. Vinegar and Baking soda are an excellent alternative of ammonia. You can easily get tips for removing black mold using baking soda and vinegar by going through this article about How to Kill Black Mold.

Eliminating Toxic Black Mold with Ammonia

Make sure that you were wearing a respirator and gloves when removing black mold with ammonia and other cleaning products. Never try to mix ammonia with chlorinated bleach.

Open all the windows and doors to get air flow so that it dissipates the fumes generated by your cleaning as it is a small mold cleanup but large cleanup jobs need negative air pressure and sealing the area to prevent mold spores escaping throughout the house.

  • Combine water and ammonia
  • Pour down solution into a spray bottle and spray the areas which are highly infected with mold.
  • Allow the solution to sit for 5 to 10 minutes to kill mold.
  • Brush the area or clean it with a wipe.
  • Repeat the steps if necessary.

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