What do you do if exposed to black mold?


The people aware of the potential health problems associated with mold growth in houses as the people want to know whether they have been exposed to this harmful black mold. All the molds are potentially harmful. There are few types of mold which affect directly o human health. Most of the people were highly concerned when they see the black mold growth in their homes or offices etc. The mold cannot be determined by their color whether they are harmful or not.

Stachybotrys chartarum is the notorious species of mold known as black mold. Black mold grows in areas where there are moisture and poor or low air quality. Black mold is the least common of mold species. It flourishes in those materials that are rich in cellulose such as gypsum board. Black mold also flourishes in the presence of constant moisture that is caused by excessive humidity, flooding, and condensation. People with suppressed immune systems, allergies, and chronic lung diseases are more disposed to exposure black mold.

The symptoms of black mold often resemble asthma symptoms. The reactions can be delayed or immediate in those people who are sensitive to the toxins of mold. Asthma symptoms make the condition worst when the people suffering from mold disease. Allergic reaction from inhaling or touching the mold toxins include sneezing, watery eyes and running nose. Asthma symptoms cause people breathing difficulty and also trouble catching a breath. The other symptoms of black mold includes watering eyes, runny nose, sneezing, chronic fatigue, headaches and chronic coughing. It can also produce vomiting and nausea and in extreme cases exposure of mold can cause bleeding in the lungs and nose.

What to do if you have been exposed to black mold? If you are feeling sick just have some patience and contact your doctor. See what your doctors advice to you and follow them. Also remember that we exposed to mold spores everyday. If there is mold in your house then you must contact professionals to remove it as soon as possible before it kills you, you kill the mold by completely removing it from the source where it grows. Almost 20% of the people is disposed to mold allergy.

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